When a loved one dies, a myriad of thoughts often run through our minds. However, for those among us with the gift of foresight and would have planned ahead, the burden of death, though depressing and heartbreaking, can be lessened considerably by the professional assistance from VINEYARD FUNERAL ASSURANCE.



If a death occurs in the home, you should report to your nearest police station. Once at the station, it is important to notify them you are our policyholder. The police will get in touch with us for the body removal procedures to be done.



Hospital staff will take care of the notification procedures to us and at the hospital police post and after that, they will notify us so that the body can be removed to our mortuary.



After this notification, the assurer reserves the right to make inquiries in order to satisfy itself that the deceased person was covered under the policy and also be entitled to call for any documents it may deem necessary. The following documents are usually required in the event of a claim:

i) Policy document

ii) National identity card of the deceased person or birth certificate if its minor

iii) Notice of death or burial order

iv) Any other authentic documentation endorsed by the police or by a medical practitioner 


When these documents have been presented and if we get satisfied as to their authenticity, the contents of the policy document would then guide us as to the steps and the type funeral  service for the particular deceased person.The parlour would then proceed in consultation with the family in planning the funeral service and availing the services specified in the policy contract like type of coffin or casket.