Bearing this in mind as VINEYARD FUNERAL ASSURANCE we have come up with a unique flagship package tailor made for the Civil Service which we have aptly named

STEMP-the State Employees Package.

Funeral assurance has become a prudent and necessary life planning product which lessens bereavement stress when death strikes in the family.

For the Civil Service

Who can I cover under this plan?

Yourself as the Policy Holder plus any other people of your choice, who would be:-

  • Your Spouse.
  • Your children below 24 years old.

Any four (4) dependants who could be:-

  • Your parents or in laws.
  • Your can cover up to 10 people, with no limit on your own children.

Standard benefits applicable to all plans

  • Transport to ferry the deceased from place of death to anywhere in Zimbabwe
  • Body removal from place of death to mortuary.
  • Gown and artificial flowers
  • Washing, dressing and embalming
  • All burial documentation plus
  • Free bag of cement and reed-mat (cash)
  • Grave Name Plate
  • Cemetery equipment and chapel service
  • Mourners transport (optional)
  • Food allowance
  • $10 Airtime to call and notify relatives

Anything special?

  • You pay your premiums for 25 years, after which your policy matures.
  • There is no health restrictions when you apply for your policy
  • Cover for policy holder is 90 days after your first premium
  • Dependents have a waiting period of 180 days
  • Cover is immediate for accidental death
  • Airtime pioneered by Vineyard in order for clients to immediately call and notify relatives of a bereavement.