On death outside the country the following documentation is required for the transportation of the human remains.

  • A Copy of the deceased passport first page.
  • Burial Order.
  • Death Certificate (From District Registrar Home Affairs of source country).
  • Certificate of non Infectious Disease (From the Doctor who attended to deceased).
  • Embalming Certificate (From the Undertaker handling the Funeral).
  • Permit To Repatriate From the country of death.
  • Permit from Health Ministry (of exporting country).
  • An affidavit (From the Undertaker/ Funeral Director) stating that the body has been fully embalmed in accordance with International Health Regulations and that the Casket contains the body.
  • The above documents should be scanned and emailed in advance for clearance purposes with the Home Office but the original documents must accompany the human remains.
  • Any missing documentation will result in delays in the processing of the procedure.