MDIt's About Peace-of-Mind

Peace of mind may be defined as the absence of mental stress or anxiety, and the presence of serenity, calm, quiet, comfort of mind. 

The decisions you make today will affect you for years to come. We have seen it time and again: people neglect to realize the impact their decisions will have on them, and other family members a year from now, five years, even decades later.

"If only. Those must be the two saddest words in the world." ~ Mercedes Lackey

We have heard it all before, and that's why the professionals at Vineyard Funeral Assurance feel so strongly about helping you come to make the decisions that will meet your needs now, and in the future. Our desire is that you have no regret about the decisions you have made on behalf of your loved one.

Why does it matter so much? Because doing the right thing for your loved one now will make all the difference in your peace-of-mind through the coming years.
Great thinkers throughout the ages have considered the nature of excellence.Most have agreed on two things: it is both an attitude and a habit of action. The Vineyard family agrees, and through the years, we fostered an attitude of excellence in the employees of Vineyard, and awarded excellence in the actions of our staff and company leadership.