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THE old adage “as sure as death” is an apt summation that death is a reality of life.

In many societies, especially in the African context, death is the proverbial elephant in the room – a subject deliberately shunned in social discourses yet it should be deliberated upon because it is inescapable.

Its devastating effects transcends across global boarders where it robs families of their loved ones, leaving a trail of heartache, unimaginable pain and tears in its wake.

The realisation that the one close to your heart has been subtracted from your life forever is a heart wrenching feeling that might take ages to heal.

However, what aggravates the pain in some circumstances is the inability to accord your loved one a decent send off.

If the inevitable arrival of death is not adequately prepared for, the process of organising a funeral becomes cumbersome which often results in clashes between relatives as people contend over the least expensive means to complete the funeral proceedings.

All the tension and drama that usually characterise some funerals can easily be abated if people take time to plan ahead, invest in funeral policies knowing that one day, their place among the living will not be found.

The planning is premised on the fact that death operates in mysterious ways, no wonder why it is likened to a thief in the night which strikes when one least expects it.

Therefore, people should take time to strongly ponder over the future because in the words of one wise man: “preparation time is never wasted time.”

Today’s funerals are being modelled into celebrations of lives well lived and to arrange that comes with sizeable financial implications.

Family members may do their part to give their loved one a decent burial but if they are financially incapacitated, it is advisable to contact funeral policy providers in advance.

An individual can take up his or her funeral policy from a preferred provider and this can chip in and do all the donkey work on behalf of the family while providing tailor made services in line with the monthly premiums that were being paid.

A funeral policy also provides one with the opportunity to choose his or her resting unit and type of funeral, that is a simpler traditional funeral or a contemporary funeral.

These services are provided by professionals who take away the energy sapping burden of arranging a funeral from an already grieving family and make it their own.

We might be in an inflationary environment, but taking up a funeral policy cover that is in line with your income goes a long way in according to yourself a decent burial or ensuring that the funeral of your loved one is not a burden.

by Rumbidzai Chikarango


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