Bridging The Gap Between Two Worlds, Life and Death.

Wel­come to Vine­yard Funer­al Assuarance

Vine­yard Funer­al Assur­ance (Pvt.) Ltd. is a reg­is­tered funer­al assur­er in terms of the Insur­ance Act [Chap­ter 24:07]. The Com­pa­ny was incor­po­rat­ed in April 2003 and is reg­is­tered by the Insur­ance and Pen­sions Com­mis­sion.

We wish to estab­lish Vine­yard Funer­al Assur­ance Com­pa­ny (Pvt.) Ltd. as the mar­ket leader in the pro­vi­sion of qual­i­ty and val­ue priced funer­al assur­ance prod­ucts in Zim­bab­we.

You’ve helped your loved ones pass through life’s tri­als. You’ve done all you can to ease their way. Now, with Vineyard’s Funer­al Assurance’s gift of fore­sight, you can free them from one final bur­den – the costs and choic­es asso­ci­at­ed with your funer­al. It is intrigu­ing that men usu­al­ly talk of killing time, while time qui­et­ly kills them so plan­ning ahead is very pru­dent.


Peace of mind for the ones you love. No Medical exam needed and up to 10 people covered on one policy. 


Arranging Funeral

We are here to help you arrange the funer­al you want for your loved one every step of the way.We offer a full ser­vice in the way you want­ed us to.


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Many peo­ple gain com­fort from hav­ing a memo­r­i­al as a last­ing mem­o­ry for a loved one.


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MD’s Message

  Dr.Solomon Taru Chikan­da 

It’s About Peace-of-Mind

Peace of mind may be defined as the absence of men­tal stress or anx­i­ety, and the pres­ence of seren­i­ty, calm, qui­et, com­fort of mind. 

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Funeral Latest News

The lat­est news of the Vine­yard funer­al assur­ance 2016

Bin It Clean Up Campaign

As part of our CSR cam­paign, Vine­yard sup­port­ed the BIN-It pro­gramme that was a part­ner­ship between the cor­po­rate world and the City of Harare.

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Sponsorship Initiatives

Vine­yard spon­sored the ZRP Mor­ris Foot­ball Club dur­ing the 2013/2014 sea­son when it was play­ing in the ZIFA North­ern Region Divi­sion 1 .


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See our 2016 business awards e.g the Southern Africa Zimbabwe MICRO insurance AWARDS TOP FUNERAL PRODUCT.The STEMP(StateEmployee Package).

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